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Adafruit Latest News:
Offering Amazon's new Bounty Dash Buttons - Can't wait to see these in Australia.  These battery-powered, Wifi-enabled "buttons" let you order everyday household items quickly and easily. For example, if you've run out of paper towels, you just hit the Bounty button and your paper towels will be on their way.
An Adafruit customer has worked out how to right click on your PiTFT touchscreen. Check it out here.
A fantastic video from Adafruit on making a 3D printed battery tester 
Some other great 3D printing projects:

Mini Dremel Sanding Table

Mini Sumo with Remote Control

And awesome 14000 3D printed bubble machine! The bubble bucket designs is available at Thingyiverse.   We need this at the next 3 year olds party!

SparkFun has introduced its Soil Moisture Sensor, which tells you the moisture content of the soil in your garden. Two large exposed pads function as probes for the sensor and act as a variable resistor.
SparkFun has also launched the GP-735 (56 Channel), a slim, ultra-high-performance, easy-to-use GPS smart antenna receiver. It has 162dBm tracking sensitivity and a 29-second cold start time. It's perfect for applications where you don't have a lot of space to work in.
Also Sparkfun show off the next instalment of their jet engine build.
DFRobot have drawn up An Illustrated Guide to Wearable Components - Great teaching material!
DFRobot have a new tutorial on creating a Spy Robot that can transmit video
littleBits has raised $US44.2 million in new funding, to invest further in STEM/STEAM education distribution. The company already operates in over 100 countries and has 8000 educators.  Over 2000 schools and universities use littleBits to create inventions.
On Seeed read about 'HardCopyWorld'  a maker community off I go for a nice cup of Tea   :)
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