Using a ToolKit to make a Zelda Guardian

Using a ToolKit to make a Zelda Guardian

On a quite Sunday afternoon my 4 year old son who is currently obsessed with Zelda BOW asked if we could build a Guardian.  

In his mind I think this was going to be 10 foot high with lazers that could shoot....but with only 3 boxes and a toolkit this is what we came up with.

This has been a very popular product with schools and libraries using it to spark children (and grown-ups) imagination.   Each piece of cardboard can be cut with the saw and then screwed together.  My son was able to punch a hole and join up the various bits of cardboard for the legs.  

We found a used-up dymo label roll to use as the eye and he then decorated it with a thick marker.

It lived upstairs for a few weeks....but then the real trick is what to do with a Guardian once he is made.....he might slowly get his 'ancient' screws borrowed for other projects.


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