Ring:bit Car — Educational Smart Robot Kit for Kids (Without Micro:bit board)


Ring:bit car is a DIY smart car which is based on BBC micro:bit and ELECFREAKS ring:bit. Ring:bit has extended 3 channels of GPIO, among which 2 channels are used for driving servos and one channel of GPIO is undefined.





  • Small size with cute outlook

  • Programmable for road design

  • Enable to draw graphics

  • Main board and car body are dispensible.

  • Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries


Packing List

Components Qty(pcs)
Acrylic Car Body 1
ELECFREAKS ring:bit 1
360 degree servo 2
Manual Book 1

Dimension & Weight


15.5*11.6*6.5 cm



*Note: This kit do not contain micro:bit board and batteries.



Ring:bit Guide