Grove Zero bit kit micro:car

by Seeed

Bit Kit

The micro:bit Shield included in the kit allows you to make the smallest, coolest micro:bit car robot in just a few seconds. This is by adding the versatile magnetic adaptors to your micro:bit and turning it into a Grove Zero control board that can work with the Grove Zero modules. Which means you can now snap a servo or a sensor to your micro:bit with magnets, no more sodering, no more wiring. The micro:bit Shield also comes with a built-in buzzer, programmable RGB LEDs, and most importantly, a 200mAh battery.


What’s included

  • · micro:bit Shield
  • · Color Line Follower
  • · Chassis


  • · On-board rechargeable battery
  • · 4 on-board programmable RGB LED 
  • · On-board programmable Buzzer
  • · Lego-compatible micro:bit Shield
  • · Line following
  • · Color recognition
  • · Support MakeCode for micro:bit

Line Following micro:car